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Riti Sped (aka, The Teacher of the Tards): Riti wrote the Tard Blog for the first 4 months it was up. She is a real person, and really teaches mentally retarded and behavior disorder kids in a real public school. Her real name is neither "Teacher of the Tards," nor "Riti Sped." It is concealed for obvious reasons. 

When asked what she wanted written about her, this is what she responded:

"I guess you could call me "Teacher of the Tards." Also, I specialize in working with "BD" kids (behavior disorder). The school I am at has a SBD program, meaning severe behavior disorder, the highest classification of the naughty reetees. We even have a black box that the tards have to go into if they are bad, and we have to hold the door shut so they don't escape. This is probably the leading reason as to why my workday encounters are so extreme. Nonetheless, it beats a fucking desk job."

Riti quit teaching special ed at the end of the 2003 school year, and is now happily getting drunk every day.

Sarah Hammon: Sarah is the current author of the Tard Blog. Though new, she has shown some excellent promise and should continue to provide hours of entertainment.

Brody Voss: Brody is little more than an anonymous minion, doing the thankless, anonymous work necessary to keep the Tard Blog up and running.




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