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We understand that this site has upset LOTS of people, and honestly, that doesn't both either of us.

In all seriousness, this site is not intended to mock the retarded, the mentally disabled, or the behaviorally challenged. The authors understand that these people have a difficult life, and sympathize with them. This site does nothing but catalog the funny happenings in a special ed classroom. If you think this mocks anyone, this is because you are bringing these prejudices to the site, they are not here to begin with. 

Riti Sped phrased it as such:

"It's not as if we just seek out opportunities to make fun of retarded kids. I just report what I see them do. That is it. No cruel jokes, no embellishment, nothing. Well, maybe a few jokes, because it is funny, but nothing cruel. I love my tards."

And remember this before you criticize us...Riti is the one who gets up everyday and faces the problems of these children. She is the one that attempts to teach them how to function in the real world, that cleans up their poop and drool, that holds them when they cry, that helps them try and become something even when their derelict parents do not. She is the one that cares about them and helps them confront the world. Can you say the same thing? 

Either you think this is funny or you don't. If you don't that's fine, just leave. Or go here





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