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1/13: Tards contribute snacks:

Augusta comes to school today with snacks that he was donating to the class. A regular size ziploc sandwich bag stuffed so full of nuts that it would barely close. It was weird. I put them aside, and later when the kids are at music I look more carefully at the nuts. There are 2 kinds of nuts in the bag. Hazelnuts and Brazil nuts. Both of which are nasty. They were also salted. 


I was puzzled, so I asked Augusta about the odd donation. He told me that his family has a huge 5 pound can of mixed nuts at home, and that they liked all of the nuts except these two kinds. Super. I am very excited about feeding the rejected nuts from Augusta's family to my class.


Other donations:  - Lindsay: Scooby-Doo fruit snacks

                          - Brad: peanut butter Rice Krispy treats

                          - Tom: cheese mini-Ritz bits


I know what I will be giving Augusta for his snack for a long, long time.






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