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1/15: New kid has interesting background:

New kid Brian tells me, while standing in line waiting for computer lab that: 

"My grandpa was in jail cuz he busted up a lot of computers." 

No shit?? I am instantly drawn in to the conversation. I allow him to continue: 

"He's dead now. Because he died at the doctors office. He went up there now (he points up)"

Later that night, there was a family night at school. My friend Jason who eats lunch with Jamel on Wednesdays is there with me. I had told him about what Brian had said to me earlier, but of course I think it would be best if Brian told him.

I spot Brian without his parents. I go up to him and say "Hi Brian, is your grandpa here?" He then rambles on about his grandpa being dead, going to jail for busting computers, died at the doctors office, etc. He then throws this one in: 

"He was in jail a long time ago because he killed a policeman."

HOLY SHIT!!! This is better then I could of ever expected. And my friend is there to witness it!!!!!

Brian's dad rushes over and says "Brian, what tales are you telling?" He seemed nervous and hurried. He then said "Come over here with me, I have someone I want you to meet," and then wisks Brian away.










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