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#5: Antonio's Revenge

Antonio and Malcolm got back from their one day of out of school suspension today. I decided not to take the battery out of Malcolm's chair, but I made it clear to him that "your chair is a mobility device, not a weapon. You have to use it appropriately, or you will lose your privilege." I think Malcolm understood most of my message, as he didn't try ramming anyone throughout the morning. In fact, he didn't move at all unless directly told to do so by myself or one of the aides.

Sitting at my desk while the students are solving their picture problems, I suddenly hear loud tard yelling. I stand up and see
Antonio at  the other end of the room putting something in Malcolm's hair. Malcolm is flipping out and yelling, but not using his chair to get away. I walk over and find that Antonio, who bites his finger nails, has been saving his fingernails in his pocket and was now placing them in Malcolm's hair.

I grab Antonio by the arm, again, and have one of the aides take Malcolm to the nurses office to get the fingernails out of his bushy, afro-like rats nest of a haircut. I give Antonio extra work and move him to the other side of the room. Later I explain to Malcolm that he can still use his chair if he needs to get away, he just can't ram people with it. Now I'm thinking of over-charging Malcolm's chair so he can run that pain-in-the-ass Antonio over.







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