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#6: Cops take Tard

Not all of the students that I deal with are there because they have some sort of medical issue. Some of my students are just severe disciplinary problems. One of them, Jason, has "violence" problems. I have had to pry him off of my other students enough that I've really come to dislike his violent behavior. He's the kind of kid that will try to take your lunch, and if he didn't get the satisfaction of taking your lunch he'll kick you in the shin just to spite you.

He was out on the playground the other day, when he started a fight with another student who was heading to the bus horse shoe for a field trip. This student was from the fifth grade, and much, much larger than Jason. Just then Jason does the unthinkable. He pulls a lock-back knife out of his pocket, snaps it open, and charges the fifth grader.

Now "getting shanked by tards" isn't on my job application, but I have to do something, so I sternly yell for Jason to line-up because we're going back inside. The tards didn't notice it was a good 10 minutes before line-up time, but hey, they're retarded. Everyone starts lining up, and Jason comes over, knife still in hand. I ask Jason to give me his "toy" and told him I'd give it to him after school. He hands me the knife, which I immediately close and put in my pocket. I then take Jason inside, call the police, and call the principal. After talking with the principal and the police officer who took Jason away in a squad car I don't think I'll be seeing much of him anymore.







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