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#9: Tard curses poorly:

I received a letter from a parent today, saying that their child has been using an awful lot of "naughty words". This doesn't surprise me. I don't curse in front of my tards, but there certainly is a lot of foul language flying around my classroom. So today I paid attention to what this particular tard was saying. Some of his "naughty words" were fucking hilarious.

After I told him that he wouldn't have individual play today because he didn't turn in his assignments, he responded "I FUCK MOTHER!".

Out on the playground I heard him yell "You shit fucker," at one of the other students.

While lining up to leave, another student cut in front of him, "Ass fuck me" was his reply.

I really feel like writing his parents back and telling them they should teach their kid how to curse, because what he's learning in my classroom just isn't cutting it.




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